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We do gardens...
and outdoor spaces

At Inviting Spaces we design, refresh and celebrate outside spaces.


Has your garden lost its glory?


Are you living with a tricky outside space you would love to spruce up, or planning an event that needs your garden to look fabulous?


We can help.


With our knowledge and your vision we can create a space that will enhance and enrich your life.


We provide guidance on all aspects of garden design, from planting to hard landscaping, for large spaces through to particular areas of a garden.


To make things simpler for you we offer four distinct plan packages that will transform your space, not just for now, but for the future: Design, Refresh, Celebrate and Garden Coaching/Consultation.


Click through below for more details on how we can help. 



If your garden is just not working and you would like a whole new layout and feel, this plan is for you.


We will listen to your hopes for the space, make a detailed plan and provide you with a unique, bespoke design book complete with images and illustrations.


We can organise landscaping or you can take the design and do it yourself.


It’s your space, and we want to help you love it.


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Want to do ‘something’ with the garden, but don’t know where to start?


Tell us how you use your outdoor space, what you love and what you want to change and we’ll come up with an action plan that will make it work for you.


This is bite-size garden design that is simple, achievable and often downright magical.




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Are you planning a celebration in your garden this year?


Whether a wedding, a party or a family gathering, you will want your outdoor space to be a beautiful backdrop to your celebrations.  


We can help you create the perfect scene for the big day.


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Need some one-to-one advice, tailored to your needs and individual space, in order to make best use of your garden?


We will discuss your hopes and the ways you use the space, and give you detailed bespoke planting advice for plants that will thrive in your garden.


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