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Garden Refresh



Want to do ‘something’ with the garden, but don’t know where to start?


Tell me how you use your outdoor space, what you love and what you’d love to change and I’ll come up with an action plan that will realise your aspirations.


Its garden design in bitesized projects, that’s simple, achievable and often magical


We call it Garden Refresh, targeted help, ideas, advice and practical information on layout, design, planting, maintenance, problem areas or anything else you need.


We visit you, listen to you, talk with you, then draw up an action plan…


Garden Refresh starts from £120, for a consultation and initial action & planting plan.


As everyone’s garden and aspirations are unique, if more is needed to realise your outdoor space, this will be discussed and agreed when we meet.


Within a week…



We know how time sensitive the opportunity to get out into your garden can be, the weekend you’ve pencilled in to ’do something’ with the garden is fast approaching… we can get your Refresh action plan to you within a week of visiting you, so you can get on and make it happen.

A little more detail…


If you just want some ideas and need a hand to get started, a Refresh action plan will give you what you need in order to do this. It wont be a fully worked up design with calculated levels and detailed dimensions, but it will give you a design idea that you can work from and build upon. I normally use sketches which will make the design ‘live’ so by the end of the process you’ll have a very clear vision of how the garden could look and feel.


Its your space…


And you will have chosen much of what is currently in it, we respect that and celebrate it, we will not redesign the space with expensive new furniture suggestions if you love the table you already have, for us, this sort of detail is part of the fun… we love to reuse, recycle and enhance your relationship with your garden.

What can we help with…

What can we help with…


Theres no simple answer to this, as we can help with whatever you need from us, but these are some examples from a practical perspective:


Redefine/reorganise the areas of your garden

Remove or add trees and shrubs to increase light or shade

Enhance unused views & obscure less attractive ones

Add colour through interesting plant combinations

Enhance privacy

Relocate, rejuvenate or add new planting areas

Improve access to and around the house with pathways

Downplay less attractive on-site features with strategic screening and design arrangement

Transform existing fences, decks, pergolas, arbours etc, or advise on creating new ones

Advise on irrigation systems, water features and lighting

Create aesthetic and practical locations for dustbins, recycling etc

Organise trusted tradesmen to carry out work if required

Advise on materials, plants, and source if requested



Practicalities always considered…


We’re not trying to create a show garden - we all have bins, and recycling, most of us have garden tools and bikes and bbqs, and ‘stuff’. We can help you find a home for all those things in a place that works for you and your lifestyle, with advice on surfaces, storage, access and planting.

With minimal effort and expense, a refresh can completely transform the look and feel of your garden.


Each client is individual, we work with you…  to answer your questions…  about your space…   to make it work for your family.


Call Catherine on 01273 488500 / 07906 505268 or email and we can start making a plan.

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