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Green Bouquet
Afternoon Tea

Celebrate in your garden...

Celebration...   are you having one or thinking of having one in your garden this year? 


A Wedding, a party…   any reason you have for hosting people, you’ll want your outdoor space to be a complete backdrop to your celebrations.  


Let us help you to create your perfect scene…  



You tell us when your date is,  what colours you like and what flowers you love…    and we can turn your garden into the perfect venue for your event. 

We know which plant flowers when, what colours it comes in..   and how to weave all the elements together with what you have already to achieve the intimate / exciting / easy going or peaceful vibe you are going for.

We can even create you a firepit, an arbour or a reworked seating area to achieve all the aspirations you have for the day.


Together, we can sow seeds and grow flowers for your handheld posies, buttonholes, and table decorations.


A truly bespoke service, call us and let us listen to what you want from your space.


And it will last much longer than cut flowers…   it will be there to celebrate with you all year!

We can grow flowers and foliage to entwine into your celebration

grow edible flowers and fruit for your table and treats

fill your borders with flowers that can decorate on the day

How it works…


First we meet in the space, we listen and take notes until we have a clear vision of what you’d like to create.


We'll then put together an action plan of how that can be achieved. This will include layout, planting, materials and any additional elements.





From here we can help as much or as little as you need,



We can realise the full vision for you, including hard and soft landscaping, planting, right through to the finishing touches like lighting and bunting hire,



You can take the action plan and put into action yourself, sowing seeds, buying plants and bringing the vision to life.



Or, we can work together, where we can provide practical help and advice as needed, be involved at key times, help source plants, sow seed, or bring together elements of the design with our team of trusted landscapers.

The perfect opportunity to create an arbour, seating area or re-work your existing space to enjoy with your guest on the day and then to embrace at your leisure into the future.



Additional elements…


To enhance the garden and create structure for the day we can arrange to hire larger statement plants just for the occasion, this may be to screen an area, or to add a touch of drama; a temporary element to the planting scheme is often a great way to transform the feel of the space.



Finishing touches...


Its not just all in the planting, we can source bunting, lanterns, lighting, handmade favours, table decorations or anything else that finishes off your vision, just ask and we will try to help.

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