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We are currently working on this page for our newly designed site....
Until we are up and running with a full gallery, here's a few pics and a client review...
We are always very happy to bring a portfolio with us when we meet.

A client review...


  "  I had a problem garden – essentially a large expanse of grass, sloping downhill and away from my house – you could see the entire plot in a glance - with no privacy, not much of interest and despite being of a good size, there was no place to sit and ‘be’ in it.


I’d had two previous garden designers come up with plans that really didn’t solve any of those problems – I’d spent a lot of money and still was no closer to having a garden I was happy with....  then I found Catherine, and Inviting Spaces.


From the start her approach was so different. She listened very carefully to what I had to say about my garden – why I wasn’t happy and the elements I really wanted to have in there. She took into account the fact that I didn’t want a design that would involve expensive landscaping – any changes would have to be work that I could undertake myself. She came to visit the garden several times and spent a long time taking note of its aspect and features and surroundings, really getting a feel for the space.


When the design came back, beautifully drawn and labelled, I really was overjoyed. We walked round the garden, plan in hand, with Catherine explaining the whats, whys and wheres of it all.


A year later and the transformation has been amazing. It’s not finished yet  - there’s still plants that I want to put in and a swing seat to save up for, but I am absolutely delighted with what Catherine achieved in her design and the ideas she was able to come up with – things I would never ever have thought of.


I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough. Her talent, vision and hard work combined to create a truly special design for me, and I am now the owner of a truly special garden."                                          

D. Horton, Lewes, East Sussex

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