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...   thinking of having your garden designed?



Want to take the the first steps towards your dream outdoor space, that enhances your home and adds an extra dimension to your lives? 


We should talk, we can help… 


Its such an exciting opportunity to transform an outdoor space and one that you are unlikely to do more than once in the lifetime in any property, so it needs to be right…  


right for the landscape, right for the space, and most importantly, right for you. 


We design our gardens by listening… its only by finding out what it is that you like, love, hate, want to use the space for, have time to maintain and have the budget for that we can create the your space for you.


Once we have all those pieces of the jigsaw, we can start to get inspired, creating a space that will truly transform your relationship with your garden.


What others had to say...

"I’d had two previous garden designers come up with plans – I’d spent a lot of money and still was no closer to having a garden I was happy with...    then I found Catherine, and Inviting Spaces."

"She listened very carefully to what I had to say about my garden " 

 "the ideas she was able to come up with – things I would never ever have thought of."

"I am now the owner of a truly special garden."

How it works… 



We meet and we listen, take photos, make sketches, and talk… talk about your budget, your hoped for timelines, and any other concerns you may have.


We follow this up with a full site survey, which we use to firm up details of your design brief. We often find that its good to meet again at this stage to really ensure that we are sharing the same vision.


This is where we go off and do our thing, originate, ruminate, ponder, visualise, consider, create, invent, design and generally draw in the studio until we find your garden.


We then draw it up, labeled and to scale and it’s yours, we always present our designs in person and walk around the space; design in hand..  to bring the design to life and answer any of your questions,


From here we can help as much or as little as you need…




We can realise the full vision for you, working with trusted landscapers, arranging and overseeing the whole process until we present you with your finished inviting space to enjoy.



You can take the design plan and put it in to action yourself, with your own contacts and skills.



Or, we can work together, where we can provide practical help and advice as needed, be involved at key times, help source plants or bring together elements of the design with our team of trusted landscapers.

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